Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Style Arc Weekend...

Lucky girl that I am, I received my Style Arc patterns last Saturday! For those of you who don't know, Style Arc is an Australian-based pattern company. Their patterns seem to be a little more pricey than the big four, and their shipping costs are a little steep to the US. However, their patterns are very stylish and I like them so much that it outweighs the cost. I usually wait until I have a few patterns I want to purchase, and then purchase them all at once.

This was the collection that I received Saturday...

I've been waiting on some of these patterns for quite some time so of course I was very excited to get started on them. First stop was the Elle pants...

When I purchased this pattern, it just happened to be a part of a combo. The fabric and pattern were sold together as a set. The fabric is a black stretch Bengaline (stretch woven). I've never use this fabric before, so this was a special treat. The composition of the fabric is, 72% viscose, 24% nylon, 4% spandex. The fabric has kind of a stiff feel to it with 30% vertical stretch, perfect for a pair of slacks.

When you order your Style Arc patterns, you purchase your size based on your measurements. I purchased a size 10 for the slacks based on my measurements. I am currently tracking which patterns fit me perfectly or almost perfectly straight from the envelope. Style Arc definitely pleased me! I know it's risky, but I made these pants using the Bengaline fabric I purchased without any alterations, just so I can see the fit. I have to tell you I was very, very pleased! These pants fit like a glove!
When I make these pants again, and I will be making them again, the only change I would make, is to shorten the crotch length a bit. That is only because of me being short waisted. I prefer my pants to sit a little lower on my waist. I also like that Style Arc sends you labels to sew into your articles of clothing. One of the label includes the composition as well as care instructions for the fabric.

I also have to add that this pattern was so quick to put together that I was able to make a top too! Both pieces were made last Sunday afternoon. How's that for quick gratification projects!

The second style art project I worked on, was the Dee top.  

I've had this pattern on hold for several months, I just can't tell you how excited I am to finally have it in my hands! I purchased this pattern in a size 10 as well. Once again I decided to make this pattern without any adjustments using a fabric from my stash. The fabric was purchased a while back from Joann fabrics and is a rayon jersey knit. Again super impressed with Style Arc! This pattern went together very quickly and was very easy to sew and very clear directions.


   Sorry about the work restroom shot
I can easily say this top will definitely be made again! I received such a perfect fit with this pattern. No adjustments or alterations were made and I won't need any on future remakes of this top!

I must add this note though, I believe their standard patterns are not for beginners. The majority of the instructions were illustrated. However, some of the basics ending steps were not illustrated. I could see a beginner easily becoming frustrated and confused. For the convenience of the beginners, Style Arc does offer beginner patterns.

All in all last week was a great weekend for sewing! I am one happy little lady!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Look or "No Luck" Pattern 6303

There were multiple versions of this top from different pattern companies out there, I selected the less expensive New Look pattern. I'm not sure of the price of the pattern had anything to do with the results are received. Although this was my muslin of the top, I was kind of hoping that it won't work out because I love the color of the muslin fabric I used. It was a pretty shade of turquoise rayon fabric that was in my stash from a while back.

I selected view D (the pink one with the print and made size 12, which is what I normally do in woven fabrics. The pattern went together fairly quickly, there were only three pieces!

It look good when I put it on Miss Thing (my dress form), so I had high hopes for this top! Unfortunately the measurements for Miss Thing and I aren't quite exactly the same! (she's not one of those expensive types you know, LOL! Not yet anyway!)


The problem areas are, first the gaping back of the neck. I typically have a problem with this with some patterns, I guess because I have a narrow back. However, it varies from pattern to pattern so I guess I'll have to start measuring my patterns from shoulder to shoulder. I am also not a fan of the open pleat in the back.

The second area or were "The Girls", affectionately known by men as the Boobies! There just wasn't enough room to keep them from gaping the front open. And due to the weird design of the pattern piece, it's hard to adjust for them without making the bottom of the top balloon out more than necessary.

I would like to try this one again just to see if I can do it (No I have to try it again...I can't let a pattern beat me!). Unfortunately, this one is definitely a wadder! Has anyone else tried this or another version of this pattern with any success?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabric Mistake Or Not?

Do fabric manufacturers ever make mistakes? Of course they do! They are human just like the rest of us! I truly found that out recently when I purchased this piece of fabric...

This is a red and white knit purchased from Joann Fabrics. For those of you knitters out there, you will know what I mean when I talk about the "purl" side, which basically means the wrong side of a knit Fabric. Well this fabric actually has the sequins sewn on the wrong side of this knit fabric. The sequins are actually sewn on the purl side!

Can anyone find a reason why this may have been done? I didn't and because I liked it, decided to use the fabric anyway to make this cute little top! I used a self drafted pattern I have for a cowl neck tank top. This one I can wear under jackets or just about with anything else. (It would have been perfect for 4th of July with a pair of Navy & White shorts, LOL!)  

I wonder if Joann Fabric realized this was a mistake? Did any of you purchase this fabric and notice that? Or have you seen any other obvious mistakes from fabric companies?

I have been sewing quite a bit, just not much time for posting, but I'll try harder to be better at it because I miss you all so much! Your comments are great medicine for what ails stress! Thanks for stopping by and I'll have another post up shortly!


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