Sunday, December 7, 2014

StyleArc Tops...

For those of you who've read my blog for some time, you know that I love StyleArc patterns! So of course when I needed office sweaters for the cooler winter temperatures here in Florida, why wouldn't I reach for my favorite patterns?  The two I selected, have been in my stash for a while and sorely waiting to be added to the sewing que.  Well they have to wait no longer and I'm sorry that I waited long as I did!  First pattern I selected, was the Kelie dress/top ( I made the top version)...

I decided to make a muslin first, because after reading through the instructions, it appeared that I may have a problem with the twist in front. As it turned out, the instructions were a little different without illustrations to comprehend, but I made it through without any issues!  However because of the different terminology used, I had to really focus on what they were trying to say to the end-user.  My muslin fabric is left over from a drape top I made a while back, which you can see here.  I decided to use a true fashion fabric rather than muslin, because I was hoping it would be a wearable muslin...and wow is it ever!



I purchased this pattern size 10, which is my usual four knits.  The pattern went together very easily and quickly after you get through the twist. As usual with StyleArc patterns, there are very little, if any, illustrations so you really have to pay attention to the instructions.  I put this top together in an afternoon and feel it would've been only a couple of hours had I understood the instructions as clearly as I do now. My next top will probably be made in two hours or less.  Yep, there will be another one!  I didn't have to make any alterations to this pattern! However on my next one I may make the opening of the neckline more of a jewel style, which is just a preference of mine.  All in all I give this pattern "three thumbs up"!

The second pattern I selected was the StyleArc Lolita.  I only saw a couple of reviews on this top and I believe, One of the reviews made reference to an error in the instructions; but I didn't find there to be any errors when I went through it.  

Again I had to pay special attention the instructions, especially when attaching the collar with the tucks to the neckline. After that, everything was complete in about an hour, it's just that fast!  I didn't have to make any alterations to the pattern. The fabric is a Hunter Green Cotton Rayon blend I purchased from JoAnn fabrics and the pattern was also purchased in a size 10 as well. When I make my next one, I will make it longer because this one was about 3 inches shorter than I would like, but still at a comfortable, wearable length.  There definitely will be another one of these tops!  As I stated before I really love StyleArc patterns and I'm so happy you can now purchase them on Etsy, download and print them at home as well! That will save a lot on the shipping costs from Australia!  So enough chatter from me, here's the photo...


If you like the style of either of these tops, I highly recommend the patterns! They are both very comfortable and stylish tops to wear!  You definitely can't go wrong with any of these styles!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Three Brief Reviews...

I've really been busy sewing, not a lot of really exciting items, but still a few pieces that I wanted to add to my wardrobe. So I'm going to give you a brief snapshot of three of those pieces.  The first one is a skirt I fell in love with you soon as I laid eyes on the pattern. It's Simplicity 1429...


The stripe version shown in the photo, View A, is the one I actually wanted. So gorgeous on the model and I could see it on vacation quite a few times. I had already purchased fabric from my favorite store, Pennie Fabrics which matched the pattern View A perfectly.   Unfortunately, I only had enough yardage to make the shorter version, View B darn!  I guess I could have waited until I was back in the area and purchase more, but I'm going on vacation next month and wanted to take the skirt with me so it was the short version or nothing.  The pattern went together very easily with no issues and no alterations.   The only problem, I had cut a size 10 and it seemed quite a bit large so I ended up taking in the side seams about an inch.

When I tell you I love the skirt, I really truly mean, I LOVE THIS SKIRT!  When I put it on it just felt so much like me! Here's one of those rare occasions where my husband and I did not see eye to eye, he doesn't like it.  I do and know the skirt will win him over eventually (of course with me in it!).  The only frustration I had was after I finished it and put it on Ms. Thing (My dress form) and noticed that my stripes on the waistband where it attached to the skirt seam was a little uneven. This happened in my excitement of finishing the skirt and not paying attention!


Another great feature of the skirt is in the drape front, it gives the illusion of pockets…


I would love to show you a photo of me in this however, I didn't have an opportunity to snap photos of me as yet, but I promise to add one on the next post.

Next is the Style Arc Ginnie Tunic.  I am really in love with the styles of their patterns. I've only made a few of them that I've purchased so far and I've purchased quite a few already.  The fabric I used for this project, is a peach colored, polyester chiffon from my stash I was gifted a year ago. I must admit that this pattern went together very well with no issues.  As usual with Style Arc patterns though, because of the lack of illustrations, it does make it somewhat difficult to understand what their instructing you to do at times.  There were only two items I changed. The first being the bagged pocket. Because of my lightweight polyester chiffon fabric, I thought the bagged pocket may be a little too heavy for the fabric. With that said I decided not to bag the pocket and just make it a flat sewn pocket.  

The other item I didn't change because I had not pay attention until after it was sewn on, was the neck band.  When cutting out the pattern piece, you're instructed to cut it on the straight grain… However, all experienced sewers know the neck band should actually be cut on the crossgrain.  Unfortunately, silly me didn't pay attention when cutting (I did mark my pattern piece for future projects)!  So the end result is, my neckband appears to be a little wobbly because of it. Oh well, this was my first attempt and it is a muslin made from a polyester chiffon. My next version, and there will be one, will be made of silk.  All in all, I really like the way it turned out, but think it would lay a little better if it were made from silk (I apologize for the wrinkles in my top!)...



Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of me in this one either, I promise to post pictures shortly. 

Lastly, is a self drafted pattern created from a RTW top I loved. You can view the previous project here.  I really liked that top and the fact that it incorporates using other design elements.  I want to move my sewing projects into another level of RTW, "mixed mediums".  This project combines a beautiful fabric I purchased from Pennie Fabrics a while ago and some chrome colored plastic chains I purchased online.  The fabric is a black Rayon Knit with beige spots that appear to almost move in a stripe pattern.  Love this fabric and it was originally purchased to make a sweater for my husband. However, once I made the sweater, he didn't like it so I ended up taking it a part and using it to re-create this top and having enough fabric left over to make a matching self drafted skirt for myself!



I promise to post photos of me in the full outfit soon!  I just needed to get a post up very quickly because I've been so behind lately in blogging.  I really appreciate you all stopping by and taking a little time out of your day to read my posts; so I don't want to disappoint you and keep posting frequently.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  I'm off to complete my next project, until then...


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pennie Fabric Sewing

Ok, I couldn't wait to start sewing up some of my purchases from our Pennie Fabric tour and shopping a few weeks ago.  The first piece I cut was the light turquoise stretch wool.  I decided on this piece because I needed a skirt to go with a pair of sandals I'd purchased during an "End of Summer" sale.  Of course I wanted tp get at least one wear out of them before I put them away for next summer!  What can I say, I'm definitely a girly, girl!  I love shoes and clothes!

This skirt was self drafted an inspired by Vogue pattern 1247...

I like the pocket styling of the skirt, but did not want to work with the pattern because I wanted to knit skirt with no zipper.  So I used one of my pencil skirt patterns and cut the front piece in half. The top half I measured down from my waist to the point where I wanted the packets to start.  Then I sewed the upper and lower portions together, leaving spaces open for the pockets.  Then I created the pocket bags and stitch them to the packet openings.  After that it was pretty easy, just stitched the rest of the skirt together, put the elastic in and it added some light weight knit lining and it was done. Easy Peasy!  

I love this skirt! It's very comfortable easy to wear and not to mention gorgeous color!  Now the problem was finding a matching top! Luckily for me I have some fabric in my stash I have purchased from Hancock Fabrics earlier this summer.  It has a white background with patchwork colors that look like they were painted. The colors are a light turquoise, tangerine and fuchsia.  A perfect compliment to the turquoise skirt I just made.  I also had a design in mind, but hadn't seen a pattern that look like the thought I had in my head. I wanted a front button peplum blouse with a collar and short sleeves.  So I combined a couple of patterns to create the look...I use Vogue 8815 and McCall's 6035.  I'm sure you've seen both of these patterns very many times before, just not together.  It was pretty easy combining them too.


I use the body of Vogue 8815 (View B) for the base of the top and I only used the collar and collar band from McCall's 6035.  Combining these two patterns proved to be easier than I thought and it worked out very well. Now I have a gorgeous blouse to match my new skirt and my new shoes!  


I've been sick with a cold for a few days and this was the best thing to make me feel better… Getting behind my sewing machine and coming up with a great outfit!


Did anyone ever hear me say before...I love that I can SEW!  My guess is, I bet you all are too!  I bet you all have some great stories of clothing ideas you created in your head and now are wearing proudly too.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, but I have to get back to the old sewing machine, I'm REALLY behind!


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