Sunday, August 2, 2015

Butterick 6097, A Navy Top

I apologize to all by subbies and readers for the very long hiatus! As they say, "I'm back in the saddle" again!
This is a pattern I've had in my stash for a while and who knows why I've not made it before! It's a lovely pattern and goes together very well! I needed a top to go with the self drafted pencil shirt (below) I made from some great Neoprene fabric I recently purchased from Mood. How many of you have been creating using this very different fabric? I learned a very valuable lesson I'd like to share with you all on your research, there are different types and thicknesses of this fabric! After seeing a beautiful dress made from Neoprene, I jumped the gun and purchased a Neoprene fabric from Mood thinking they were all the same...NO THEY ARE NOT! I received this SUPER thick and stiff fabric (that was sandwiching rubber!). So thick, you could barely fold it! I have absolutely no idea what I would ever make from this fabric but will keep it in my stash just in case one of those miraculous thoughts comes to my now "empty" brain! I know there have been some beautiful dresses made from this very thick fabric gracing the runways...I guess it's just not my thing at the moment, LOL!! Anyway, here's an "iphone" photo of the fabric I just spoke of on the left. On the right is a second Neoprene fabric (blue print), I also purchased from Mood that is much softer, yet a sturdy knit with not a lot of drape. Sews and wears BEAUTIFULLY!...
I decided to purchase the blue print Neoprene fabric after seeing it made into a lovely dress by Sarah of "Goodbye Valentino" you can see here. I loved her dress and the fabric so much I purchased it right after reading her review because I didn't want to take the chance they would run out! I agree with Sarah, this fabric was definitely a dream to work with too! There's different print of this same fabric I just have to go back and purchase soon for some "crazy" cool leggings!

Now back to the top...I got distracted for a minute there talking fabric, LOL! Looking through my stash for fabric to match this skirt, I found this Navy woven fabric (unidentified content) that was gifted to me a few years ago. It feels like shirting fabric, but I want to say it has a little Wool in the content. I'll have to wash a swatch to test before laundering this top because it really turned out nice and I don't want it to shrink!...

I made this top a size 12 (I wear a size 8-10 in RTW), who knows why the sizes are so off with patterns. The only alteration I made was on a hunch while cutting out the pattern...I decided to give "the girls" a little more room since this was a woven fabric. I extended the princess seam approximately 1/2" on both sides. Glad I did because it just fit me perfectly! Everything else remained as instructed by the pattern. I love the way they used purchased bias binding as facing to finish the armhole!

I have two more items completed that I'd like to share with you all very soon...I just have to get the reviews written up!

Thanks again for stopping by and sharing a little of your time with me, it's truly appreciated!

Happy Sewing!








Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fabric Haul and Silk Print Dress

I got an opportunity last weekend to go to one of my favorite fabric places… Pennie Fabrics!!  My husband and I took a leisurely drive into Sarasota and the hubby decided to take me on a little fabric shopping spree.... YAY Me!

There were only a couple of ladies in the store when we first arrived, and they left shortly after, so my husband and I had the entire store and Nasir's lovely wife to ourselves!!!  What a treat!!!  There's so much in the store and I know it's cliché, but I truly felt like a kid in a candy shop... I didn't know what I wanted, LOL!!

So I started grabbing things that I knew I needed or couldn't live without. I figured that was the best route to take at this point.  Below are the lucky pieces that came home with me that day...

Describing the fabrics from left to right:

1.  Green-Cotton stretch twill

2.  Green and white striped-seersucker

3.  Baby blue-stretch wool (lightweight)

3.  Coral-stretch lace

4.  Peach-cotton spandex

5.  Charcoal & Navy-tie-dyed cotton

6.  Coral-Silk chiffon

7.  Coral-rayon Lycra

9.  White-texturized stretch knit

I can't wait to dive into these pieces...I already have plans for each and everyone of them!

I still have a few pieces that I purchased from Pennie fabrics on other occasions that I've not worked on yet.  I thought this would be a good time to use one of my previously purchased Pennie Fabrics.

Below is a photo of it in the fabric store when I was just about ready to purchase this beautiful brown silk with a orange and cream print flower on it...


It was so gorgeous just looking at it and the feel was amazing!  Very drapey and flowy!  However, I don't know if you noticed or not but each panel was printed with a little over half of a flower!!!   I have no idea why the designer would have done this and if anyone of you out there knows the reason, can you put please let me know?  I can tell you though, it created a very good challenge for me!  How the heck am I going to create something with that??!!

I laid the fabric out on my cutting table and stared at it for approximately 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do… When it came to me!  I wanted a dress with a full flower in the front and back, but how in the world was I going to achieve that? 

So I started by folding the fabric over itself to create a full flower.  Then I pinned and permanently created the seam.  Wa La, a full flower was formed!  (Sorry no photos… I was so busy trying to create, I forgot!). I'm sure it's not what the designers had in mind, but it works for me!

Then I used my favorite self-drafted Cowl neck top pattern (only two pattern pieces) and laid it on the fabric.  While cutting out the pattern on the fabric, I just extended it long enough for a dress.  

Using French seams, I sewed the dress up and within two hours I had this beautiful, simple, summer dress out of a gorgeous silk print!


I love this little simple dress and can't wait to wear it!...And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I finished the dress I thought of another application for this beautiful fabric using that half flower!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your time with me!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Wadder Doesn't Stop The Show! (UPDATE)....

Sometimes you just never learn your lesson… I joined so that I can read reviews before making a project.  However, did I do that with McCall's 7127...absolutely not and that turned out to be a HUGE mistake!   UPDATE-I FIXED IT, YEAH!!!  SEE PHOTOS BELOW...


This pattern goes together very quickly, and the instructions are very easy to understand.  However, it doesn't turn out with the best fit.   I made this one my normal size 10 for knits and after a few hours I had the top completed.  I used a blue cotton knit fabric from my stash.   Thank goodness the fabric wasn't something that I cherished, because this project ended up a huge wadder!  The front hemline was a little too "A-lined" for my taste in a tee shirt and there was a LOT of gaping in the back...


Could I possibly correct these issues...yes, but I seriously don't want to!!!!  The bad part about this wadder is it could have been prevented had I just read the 2 (and only 2) other reviews about this pattern on!!!  Neither of those reviewers would recommend the pattern either!  Lesson reviews of the pattern first!  Then if you want to try it anyway...make a muslin!

Oh next few projects turned out well enough to keep me sewing! (and I really needed to keep my sewing mojo dancing around in my head!)  While I may fix the issue with this top (I don't want to, but it's still on the table) just so I don't waste fabric...The pattern did sew up very quickly, so I will only recommend if you truly like the style and are prepared to make adjustments.  

UPDATE:  I really liked the back detail in this top so much, I decided to fix.  I opened the side seams and extended the back sides out about 1-1/2" each side past the normal seamline.  That worked perfectly in removing the "gaping" back!  I also removed about a 1" pie slice from the underarm to the shoulders to correct the "drooping" shoulders (I could have removed about an 1" more, they still droop a little).  All in all, I was able to fix it and now have a great tee with interesting back details.  I may make another!!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my posts...I have a few more to share soon...


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